Authentic Workshops & Programmes

We run a series of programmes and workshops that can take place via our online training platform or face to face.

Authentic Leadership Programme

10 x 2 hour sessions

  • Positioning
  • Presentation Skills
  • Messaging
  • Building the thought leader
  • Being heard in the Boardroom
  • Decluttering the environment
  • Aligning business objectives with personal
  • Tonality and strength in the workplace, against adversity
  • What do I stand for in the business
  • Rounding off the above, by maximising stakeholder relationships into business outcomes

Empowering Personal Reputation Programme‚Äč

5 x 2 hour sessions | 10 x 2 hourly sessions

  • Personal positioning
  • Owning the room
  • Presentation skills
  • Being heard in the Boardroom
  • Cutting through the clutter
  • Mastering your social media wisely
  • Maximising on Stakeholder opportunities
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