A Response to Today’s Twitter Questions

I sold Vuma Reputation Management in March 2020 to the current owners. I am no longer a director of Vuma Reputation Management and am in no way involved operationally in the business at all.

The new owners are currently repaying the debt for buying the business from me and I retain shareholding until the final payment has been made.

Vuma Reputation Management has been working in the Kingdom of eSwatini for over ten years, the company secured the Kingdom of eSwatini contract, for a complete reputation management programme in November 2019 with the late previous Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini.

Any issues related to the company and their contract with the Kingdom of eSwatini are in no way associated with me and all correspondence must be directed to the current shareholders and management of Vuma Reputation Management.

It is important to note that I wholeheartedly believe in non-violence and urge all parties to continue engagement and pray that a resolution that is fair and equitable to all is reached soon.


Janine Hills

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